How to increase the accuracy of the Face ID of the iPhone X

Some expectation preceded the arrival of the iPhone X to our lives a few months ago. Not only for its single OLED screen, its size of 5.8 inches or the orientation of your camera. The biometric identification system, known as Face ID, was released on an Apple device. And its coming could not be more embarrassing.

Nonetheless, the Face ID has been profiled as a secure system, and user satisfaction seems to be good. It stands out its reliability, comfort, and values the security that supposes to have a medium that takes 30,000 points of the face and to which it is impossible to deceive with a photograph, which seems to be viable in the new Samsung Galaxy S9.

Although like everything, It can be improved and today we are going to indicate four small tips that can be quickly done to improve the reliability of Face ID. If you want to know them, do not stop reading.

Rescanning the face

Once the iPhone has registered your face, It is interesting that you do it again after a while. It is merely a way to give more information to your device of the changes that may occur in it, which would provide greater precision in the long run.

Turn off functions with attention detection

As you know, Face ID needs to look you in the eyes. Why? To prevent someone from unlocking your iPhone while you sleep. But it has a negative part, and it is none other than increasing the error rate, that's why it's interesting to deactivate this function. To do this, follow the path Settings> Face ID and code and disable Functions with attention detection

Move the phone while unlocking it

The secret is that, do not leave it static, if you do not make exaggerated moves with him, which will allow certain parts of the face to escape more accurately.

Experiment with distances

It has been proven that there is more failure rate when you try to unlock them too close to your face. So you already know, stretch your arms, and you will get a sure hit.

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