The iPhone X sells much less than you think

If you stop for a minute in the street or at work to look around and observe how many people carry in their hands an iPhone X surely it will catch your attention how many have it. However, despite what we can see any person, sales of the expected iPhone do not go as planned.

And is that according to Business Insider, Apple is expected to ship 14 million units during the first quarter, a figure well below expectations, which were fixed at 27 million units. These figures contrast with those of other analysts who raise the forecasts to 25 million.

The actual figures are only known to the higher echelons of Apple, although all the rumors point to the sales of the iPhone X are far from expected at this point. This makes lean more by the figure of 14 million units sent than for a higher number. At the annual level, the sales figure continues to decline over the months and will have already dropped from 61 million to 51 million units now planned for 2018.

"We reduced our construction forecast of the iPhone 1Q18E and 2Q18E mainly due to the slow demand of the iPhone X."

The low demand of the iPhone X is mainly given, according to several surveys conducted in no small number of users and experts, for the low performance of the mobile device, in combination with its high price, its design that divides a large number of respondents and their unattractive features.

In Cupertino, they are aware that the iPhone X, even though it came to the market with great force, it has been deflating in all respects with the passage of time, and for that reason, they are already preparing the new iPhone 2018 that hope to recover the trust of the users. It is also expected that they will improve the sales figures of other versions, so as not to put Apple's future in danger.

What do you think are the reasons for the ever-decreasing demand for the iPhone X in the market? Tell us your opinion in the space reserved for the comments of this post or through any of the social networks in which we are present.

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