This is not the iPhone X2 but it's the iPhone of my dreams

That the iPhone X is the most coveted terminal in the world nobody discusses. You may like it more or less, but there is no option to replicate it when we say it is the smartphone for which a lot of people sigh.

While this is true, the reality is that it is a good mobile phone, but it is not as perfect as I would like it to be. As an owner of an X I have found some design flaws, besides feeling that it is not a terminal that has fulfilled my expectations.

Precisely that I have not fulfilled my expectations makes me ask myself frequently: And how will the next model?

Personally I think that in the last few years we have not seen too important changes in the terminals presented by those in Cupertino, and with the exception of the iPhone X, they have followed a very continuous line in terms of design.

The video that we have in the beginning shows us an iPhone concept that necessarily, It reminds us of the iPhone 5 generation. I'm sure I'm not the only one who can see the resemblance. Do you remember the jump that occurred? I still remember when I opened my first iPhone 5: it was love at first sight to find those edges cut with crystalline diamond, as bright as they are delicate.

The new generation of iPhone promises important changes

This concept of the new iPhone that the Korean designer Gunho Lee has called X-2 - hello, Final Fantasy fans- offers us a hypothesis of what could end up being the new iPhone.

In the concept we can appreciate among the most remarkable, a fingerprint reader built into the screen, a seemingly more stylized and thin model and above all, an authentic full screen, devoid of the so controversial notch.

Needless to say, this video only gives us a window on what we can expect from Apple's new terminal, but the truth is that we still know almost nothing about him, and I assume that it is still in an advanced design phase. Only time will show us what Apple has prepared for us.

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