Neither iPhone X nor Galaxy S9: this mobile is the only one that is all screen

The brands look for having the best quality of the screen, and since Samsung put fashionable in the infinite filters, the rest of the companies have wanted to follow that path. And we think it's a right way because it is a real joy to be able to enjoy the quality of a good screen without solid frames.

And at Apple, aware of this they launched the iPhone X, a phone contested by an element of that part of the screen, the notch, and that houses a series of face-scan sensors so that among other things, the Animojis can work. Both have liked that Samsung has launched a similar concept of animated emoticons.

But let's go to what concerns us, to the infinite screens. Well, neither Apple nor Samsung have many screens, or that is what you will think after seeing this model of the Vivo brand, that takes that of infinity to its ultimate consequences. Take a look at the video below to check it.

The Vivo Apex has been presented at the global mobile congress that has recently ended in the city of Barcelona. We show you below another video of a demonstration in hand of this model, that practically does not have any framework. Besides, it incorporates a fingerprint sensor in the center of the screen, and that occupies a fairly large place. In addition to that, it can recognize more than one footprint.

And not only that, but it incorporates the hidden front camera, in fact, it is not on the screen. When it is necessary, the camera leaves the inside of the phone, You shoot your selfie, and you go back hiding it. Curious is without a doubt. At the moment it is a prototype of which is not known its date of sale and much less its price, but this company is the only one that has had arrests to make a whole screen, occupying 98 percent of the support. Oh! And it is resistant to dust and liquids.

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